We are a registered charity in England and Wales with the registration number of 1051590; funded only by devotees’ dakshina (donations), Hatha Yoga fees, programme fees, income from accommodations and everyone's selfless service.

All donations are greatly appreciated and would enable us to continue our service to humanity, irrespective of lifestyle, practice, caste, creed, colour, gender, age, religion or nationality.

Donations are direly needed for the refurbishment and maintenance of buildings and gardens; heating for the winter; and to run programmes and keep it affordable for all.

Stretch your donations further by filling in a Gift Aid Form, every Pound you donate will enable us to claim a further 25p.

You can set up a one time or monthly/quarterly/annual Gift Aid donation to:

UCYL Trust, Sortcode 40-46-07, Account Number: 8116 5038 .

International donations can be made to our International Bank Account Number: GB88MIDL40460721100939.

Please proceed to the Contact Us section where you can phone, email or complete a request for more information if you require assistance in this matter.