Meditation and Satsanga

Intensive Meditation course

12th January 2020 10:00-12:00 pm

11th April 2020 02:00-04:00 pm CANCELLED due to Covid-19

25th October 2020 02:00-04:00 pm CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Learn meditation according to the Yogic tradition- philosophy of meditation, pranayama for meditation, how to sit and what to concentrate on.

This course is usually taught over a week, it is now available in one intensive course. Suits all level of ability.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes to make sitting easier.

Adults: £ 108; Under 21: Half price; Under 12: free (a parent must attend)


Currently CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Weekly Sunday meditation at 10 am -11 am

Open to public, everyone is welcome.

By donation.

Please refer to Upcoming events for exceptions due to other events.

Meditation is an uninterrupted flow of concentration on the infinite, it is often seen as a form of internal worship. The meditation is taught according to the Yogic tradition.

Meditation helps the practitioner bring the senses and mind within, and to stop the mind from wandering. It improves and helps to refine one’s perception and concentration, and to understand how our own mind and senses are the cause of all bondages and attachments.

Meditation helps to control stress and strain, it stops internal conflicts and confusions. Above all, it helps to understand the truth, and takes the practitioner to peace, happiness, and self-knowledge.

No instructions are given in these sessions, you are encouraged to sit and practice during this time. Please join the meditation courses if you wish to learn how to meditate and practice pranayama for meditation.

Please be on time and leave your shoes in the entrance hall.


Open to public, everyone is welcome.

By donation.

Please refer to Upcoming events for monthly Satsanga dates at 10:30 am

Satsangas are spiritual discourses, talks, concerning the nature of the Self or Absolute. They take their inspiration from the Yogic and Vedantic teaching traditions and enable us to hear and ponder upon these truths in a sattvic environment with the opportunity to put questions and get direct personal answers.

Regular attendance at satsangas enables us to deepen our knowledge of our own minds and its responses and to contemplate upon the universal truths contained in the scriptures. The study of these scriptures by reading alone will engender questions, interest and knowledge; but will not necessarily provide direct answers.

Hearing the teaching expounded in satsangas will also provide further insights and knowledge concerning the subject that we may not gain through our own reading and study. Thus, satsangas become a source of encouragement to study the texts and an opportunity to gain more knowledge. This knowledge gained in Satsangas will inspire us to practice Yoga and meditation more regularly; while the practice of Yoga and meditation will encourage us to attend satsangas. Thus, the practice and the study becomes self supporting and encouraging.

On the days with Satsanga, meditation is practised for half an hour from 10 am, followed by Satsanga.

We aim to keep the cost low to make it accessible to all. Please generously donate to keep the services available and affordable for all. By donating generously according to the value you think the ashram provide to yourself, others and society as a whole and to your ability, this will make it accessible for all the upliftment of all levels of society. It also support the trust in the maintenance of the facilities and keep it open to the public all year round.

The Trust trains Yoga Teachers to a very high standard and none of the teachers receives any of the income from the classes. All proceeds go to the Trust to finance its programmes and activities.

Please support the ashram residence with a separate donation left by the seat of the guru, this is usually a dakshina offered to the guru, sanyasi and brahmachari who dedicated their whole lives to practicing, teaching and keeping authentic knowledge alive.