Netherlands Yoga Meditation Weekend

Yoga and Meditation Weekend

9 | 10 | 11 March 2018

om asato mā sad gamaya | tamaso mā jyotir gamaya |

mrtyor mā’mrtam gamaya || om shāntih shāntih shāntih


Luminous Self!

UCYL Netherlands is delighted to invite you to attend it’s annual Yoga and Meditation weekend on 9 to 11 March 2018.

The theme for the weekend will be: Abhinivesha, Fear of Death.

The weekend will take place in De Tolbrugschans, Oldeberkoperweg 70, 8413 NZ Oudehorne, The Netherlands. The nearest airport is Schiphol Amsterdam, from there you may take a train to Heerenveen.

Please arrive by 17:00 on Friday 9 March, and the programme concludes at 16:00 on Sunday 12 March.

The weekend includes:

* Satsangas (talks on Yoga and Vedanta)

* Vivekayoga (group discussions)

* Hathayoga- and meditation classes

* Saturday evening program

The program booklet will be distributed at the opening afternoon.

Śri Maheshvara Caitanya will be the main speaker for the Satsangas and two hathayoga teachers will also give a talk.

If you wish to join the weekend please let us know before 1 March 2018 via:

Costs for the weekend per person are: adults €140, students €65, children €50.

The total amount is due before 1 March 2018 payable to account:

UCYL-Nederland Duizel NL 77 INGB 0000102618


IBAN-code: NL77 INGB 0000 1026 18

citing “Yoga and Meditation weekend 2018”

Included are two nights and simple vegetarian meals. Bed linen is provided.

Please bring your own towels.

- Smoking and alcohol are prohibited -

We wish this weekend enriches your lives spiritually.

At every Yoga and Meditation weekend there is an opportunity to offer ‘dakshina’, support for the teacher. You can offer fruit, flowers and/or cash. This is an expression of our respect and gratitude for the teachers and the teaching given.

Yoga-Sūtra Chapter 2 Sutra 3

avidya-asmitā-rāga-dvesa-abhiniveshah kleshāh

The ignorance, the faculty of identification (I-ness),

attachment, aversion, and the fear of decay or

death are the afflictions.

Yoga-Sūtra Chapter 2 Sutra 9

svarasavāhi viduso’pi tathārūdho’bhiniveshah

What is naturally flowing even in the minds of scholars and

thus well-known (famous) is the fear of decay or death.

Commentary by Svāmi Sadānanda Sarasvatī:

The cause of abhinivesha is due to the ignorance of the Self. The people identify themselves with the body and the objects of pleasure, while they undergo the death in the form of decay of their body and senses. But they don’t understand it. They think that they are still young though they are in their seventies or eighties. These are the feelings of extremely sensual people. They are blind by ignorance. This fear of death brings afflictions in the mind and blocks the progress of life towards the realization of the Self where they can be eternally blissful. It is a misfortune to believe, that “I will not die” while he sees people are dying. What is born, that is destined to die.

Then why this fear! Due to attachment and ignorance about one’s own real self.

om asato mā sad gamayā

tamaso mā jyotir gamaya

mrtyor mā’mrtam gamaya

om shāntih shāntih shāntih

From ignorance, lead me to truth!

From darkness, lead me to light!

From death, lead me to immortality!

OM peace, peace, peace.