Bala Vihar

The purpose of the Bala Vihar (children) & Taruni Taruna Vihar (teenages) is to teach some of the basic techniques and knowledge handed down from the Hathayoga, Yoga & Vedanta tradition. The practice of these will help maintain health, happiness and concentration, will help to kindle the spiritual values within and will help a youth grow into a responsible, righteous and discerning adult.

For the attainment of the knowledge of the Truth

we, the boys and girls, meditate upon the Eternal God,

Who is attributeless (devoid of all Gunas)

and the Abode of Mercy'

To be eligible, one of the parent must join our Spiritual Talks; this enables the parents to be aware of our motto and teaching methods, and further affirm what the children learned in the Bala Vihar programme. 

We are also regularly invited to teach Hatha Yoga, pranayama, meditation, give satsanga and questions and answers sessions in youth camps all over the country, most notable is Balaji Temple children camp for the last 19 years.