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Meditation Course

1st Sunday of every month


Location: Camlad House

Learn meditation according to the Yogic tradition- philosophy of meditation, pranayama for meditation, how to sit and what to concentrate on.

Suits all level of ability. Especially for people struggling from the effects of Covid-19.

Please wear loose fitting and natural fibre clothing which cover the whole body, such as a simple white t-shirt and loose comfortable full length trousers to enable maximum movement and coolness. No jeans, tank tops, Lycra, leggings and leotards.

Cost: £60 and ongoing support

Classes are offered free for vulnerable, elderly and on benefits (see end of page) to make it accessible for all, your kind and generous donations can make a difference to many who are struggling during the pandemic. Support us now so we can continue to provide accessible teachings for the benefit of all.

Pay to the account below:

UCYL Trust, Sortcode 40-46-07, Account Number: 8116 5038


via Paypal


Meditation in the hall daily 6am and 6pm daily. All are welcome to join.

Meditation is an uninterrupted flow of concentration on the infinite, it is often seen as a form of internal worship. The meditation is taught according to the Yogic tradition.

Meditation helps the practitioner bring the senses and mind within, and to stop the mind from wandering. It improves and helps to refine one’s perception and concentration, and to understand how our own mind and senses are the cause of all bondages and attachments.

Meditation helps to control stress and strain, it stops internal conflicts and confusions. Above all, it helps to understand the truth, and takes the practitioner to peace, happiness, and self-knowledge.

We offer free classes for all disabled and vulnerable people- elderly (over 70), unemployed, mental or physical illness, low income, benefits etc. Please email us with a brief introduction and any photographic proof (within 6 months) to show your eligibility. Please block out sensitive information like bank details etc. Thank you.

Please generously donate to keep the services available and affordable for all. By donating according to the value you think the ashram provide to yourself, others and society as a whole and to your ability will make it accessible for all the upliftment of all levels of society, especially during this stressful pandemic period where many are struggling mentally. It also support the trust in the maintenance of the facilities and help us provide affordable and free programmes.