Volunteering/ Selfless Service

All are welcome to volunteer with us. Contact Us to express your interest. Please kindly include the length of volunteering, your profession and skill-sets. 

Volunteers are needed in these areas:

Niyataṁ kuru karma tvaṁ karma jyāyo hyakarmaṇaḥ

śharīra-yātrāpi cha te na prasiddhyed akarmanaḥ 

You should do day-to-day work! 

The performance of day-to-day work is greater than not working.

Even for the maintenance of the body you should do day-to-day work!

 It is not well-known that by not working one can live.

Yajñārthāt karmaṇo ’nyatra loko ’yaṁ karma-bandhanaḥ

tad-arthaṁ karma kaunteya mukta-saṅgaḥ samāchara

O Arjuna, perform the Karma with detachment, dedicating to God.

 Otherwise the world is bound by Karmas.

iṣhṭān bhogān hi vo devā dāsyante yajña-bhāvitāḥ

tair dattān apradāyaibhyo yo bhuṅkte stena eva saḥ

The effulgent ones nourished by the offerings, will give you your cherished desires.

Verily, whoever enjoys the desired objects given without offering is certainly a thief.

Tasmād asaktaḥ satataṁ kāryaṁ karma samāchara

asakto hyācharan karma param āpnoti pūruṣhaḥ

Therefore, perform your duties spontaneously with detachment;

a person attains the highest, indeed, by the duties performed with detachment.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bhagavata Gita Ch3 Sloka 8; 9; 12; 19


 Testifies to liberation

Testifies to absence of ego and vanity

Testifies to self achievement and satisfaction

Is the symbol of disinterest and unattachment

Is the language of self-realisation

Is the life of those who reached self-realisation

Is an extension of the individual self in the cosmic self

Gives patience and understanding

Makes humble and simple

Makes perfect and untouched

Wipes out all consequences of pride and false fame

Is the fundamental nature of all people

Removes the tendency to speak lies and errors

Helps to love everybody and to treat all equally

Is not just a means, but an achievement

Destroys sins, and grows virtues

Makes one non-violent and compassionate

Keeps humanity in balance

Makes complete

Fills life with happiness

Removes afflictions and pains

For the use of immortality, and it dispels poverty

Dispels the feeling of helplessness and perplexity

Rewards with vision and victory

Awakens the divine, which is latent in men

Does not allow a compensation or reward

Removes obstacles and experiences of pain

Shows a clear path, because it removes conflict and confusion from the mind

Keeps one always happy and peaceful

Cleans thoughts and actions

Gives courage and dispels pessimism

Does not allow disappointment

Protects against grief and worries

Is the salvation of mankind

Is the path of the self-realisation

 Svàmi Sadànanda SarasvatiUCYL Luminary September 1973

In this tradition, spiritual aspirants are required to volunteer and serve by doing seva.

Seva enables the aspirant to practice doing work without ego, selflessly with detachment- detached to any self gains, the results of the work, praises and appreciations and also monetary gains. Seva should be done with love, care and respect, just as only the best is offered to the most honoured guests.

By doing seva selflessly, the aspirant will clean and polish the mind and thereby cultivate a correct and better behaviour and attitude towards life. The actions which spring forth from the mind will then be better in line with spiritual teachings, slowly eliminating the conflicts between the teachings and selfish desires, and also prepare the mind to absorb new teachings; while the physical side of seva trains the body to be physically fit since modern society is increasingly sedentary, and a healthier body and purer mind will enable the sitting for meditation to feel natural.

Seva also provides the Guru the opportunity to see the competency and weaknesses of the spiritual aspirants, guiding them towards perfection in action.

You are welcome to volunteer all year round and should be understood as a voluntary service to be undertaken with a selfless and spiritual intent, it is not offered as a transaction for food, accommodation or teachings. A few hours of your volunteering a week can make a difference to yourself, your family and friends and society, beside help us continue with our cause to support the community. More and more research is showing us how the things we do can improve our moods. Social prescribing helps reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, keep us healthy and even add up to seven years to our lives.

Volunteering will also provide these benefits:

Recent projects by volunteers:

A new flowerbed in the front of the house.

Removal of hedge
New flowerbed
Volunteers hard at work