We strive to be one with nature and the environment by protecting it for future generations.

Projects include:

  • Installation of renewable energy new biomass boiler to heat the building and very soon water as well. To support the the hot water project please donate here.

  • No mow May- to help our bees, butterflies, wildlife, and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.

  • Leaving part of the land wild for wild life to live peacefully, there is no hunting or trapping on site; no pesticide or insecticide are used on site, we therefore have a lot of weeds, support us by volunteering with gardening. Mammals include foxes, badgers, hedgehogs. Birds include blue tits, jackdaws, sparrows, robins, owls, red kites, buzzards. Innumerable insects, moths and butterflies. The list might not fully list all the wildlife on site.

Over 200 year old oak trees


Installation of boiler


No Mow May


Resident owl

200 year old scots pines in the winter